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Perfectly Natural


Iris Florence Peter Williams  — bootmaker, labourer, commercial traveler,

apartment house manager, supervisor, daughter, woman, Mr X, transgender,

lesbian, curiosity, man, sister, husband, dad, special friend, despised,

rejected, hounded, adored, much loved. 


Born female, prosecuted in 1945 for marrying another woman, vilified for having

her breasts removed for other than medical reasons, harried by the law,

Iris/Peter married at least four times, lived as a man for sixty years, ending

his life happily married, amongst friends, well-respected and admired.


Peter was one of many across time, culture, location, and social class, who have

defied social norms, and because of persecution by the dominant culture were

forced to resort to creating aliases, secrecy, subterfuge, and to committing

crimes so that they could live as they desired.


Spanning 20th-century New Zealand, this is an account of determination, enforced

criminality, masquerade and power. It is the story of a perfectly natural life. 

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